Posted by: droitwichmummy | November 30, 2011

So I got to see a really nice doctor

After Monday’s debacle I got to the doctor’s yesterday and saw the registrar at my practice who I had not met before. He was really open and even apologised for having to ask me if I was suicidal!

He asked me how I was doing on my meds. I said I thought I needed a higher dose and he prescribed it. So I am now on 20mg citalopram rather than 10. How do I feel about that? Not too bad as the leaflet suggests that is the normal starting dose. Slightly concerned about being pulled into long term ADs but if that is what I need then I have to do it.

I have a few days of the previous dose left, so will not start the new one until about Saturday. Must remember to go back for a review in 2 months although I can have 2 repeat prescriptions.

I might see that doctor again about my hip. I think he might actually do something about it….


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